HOFA Youth Football Camp

January 7, 2019
HOFA Youth Football Camp


*Hall of Fame Athletics Presents – 1st Annual Football Camp
*3-Day Camp / 4th Day Invitational
*Cost per Camper ($150)

Hall of Fame Athletics (HOFA) will conduct 2 three-day/4th day invitational camps designed to teach youth the fundamentals of football. The HOFA Camp is a non-contact camp designed to improve a child’s beginning, intermediate, or advanced skill level. Fundamentals of all positions on offense and defense are taught in addition to life skills such as respect, responsibility, sportsmanship, teamwork and the importance of education.
Participants are grouped based on age and skill level. The camp philosophy is to provide solid fundamental football skills in a non-contact atmosphere. Our focus is to instruct each camper, so they are exposed to the basics of the sport of football. We envision each camper to reach their fullest potential and enjoy the rewards that the sport of football has to offer. Instruction in running techniques, flexibility exercises, and special skills are emphasized.
Lessons on sportsmanship, leadership, and citizenship will be included throughout the camp. Participants will receive an evaluation of their performance at the end of the camp session.


Each athlete will specialize their specific position with the emphasis on the following techniques:
Quarterbacks: Leadership, ball handling, passing, offensive strategy.
Running Backs: Ball carrying, faking, blocking, pass receiving.
Receivers: Releases, patterns, and routes receiving, ball carrying, and blocking. Defensive Backs: Tackling, keys, and reads, pass defense (zone or man-to-man).
Offensive Linemen: Stance, explosion, pulling, trapping, blocking (pass protection, reach, and double teams).
Defensive Linemen: Stance, reads, slant techniques, pass rushing, tackling.
Linebackers: Stance, keys and reads, reaction, tackling, and blitzing.
Defensive Secondary: Stance, Backpedal, Pattern read, Cover techniques, tackling
Every camper will be instructed in quickness, agility, flexibility, and proper running techniques.
This is a non-contact camp. Campers will use bags and shields when contact is to be made.


The camp staff is a handpicked group of dedicated coaches and former athletes from local area high school and college Football Programs. Additionally, we will have special coaches assist as camp counselors to provide additional instruction and support for the youth camper.
All campers should wear shorts and t-shirts and bring either their own water or Gatorade. Cleats are recommended but not required. Campers should also bring tennis shoes, as camp will be moved indoors in the event of inclement weather. Mouth guards must be worn and will be provided by the HOFA Youth Football Camp Staff. All campers will compete in all areas of this camp. We will challenge each camper to improve each day at camp. While one goal of the camp is to improve each camper’s football skills, emphasis will also be placed on having a fun week.


Timothy Retic– Tim Retic, Director of Football Training & Development