Transforming today’s athletes into tomorrow’s leaders.


Hall of Fame Athletics

Who We Are

Hall of Fame Athletics, Inc. was founded by Timothy Retic, Krayton Nash, Karen Tillis and Nate Tillis and is intended to offer student athletes the finest instruction available while providing a safe and fun learning environment to become better athletes.

Who We are

Hall of Fame Athletics, Inc (henceforth referred to as HOFA, Inc) aspires to transform today’s athletes into tomorrow’s leaders. The aim is to establish a nonprofit organization for youth sports, academic tutoring, and mentoring for youth of all backgrounds. There is an opportunity for three groups of athletes who are under-served by current organizations:  those who don’t play because of cost, those who don’t play because of grades, and lastly those who are not able to take advantage of scholarship offers because they fall short of the academic requirements. 


What we do

There are four core services that HOFA, Inc. has to offer: Athletics, Academics, Mentoring, and Tutoring through a third party. We provide individual and group training through camps in basketball, football, baseball, speed & agility, strength & conditioning. Expansion to other sports is a goal after startup. Athletic training and NCAA academic advising is provided by trained and experienced staff. 

What sets HOFA, Inc. apart from our competitors are the offerings of mentoring and tutoring.

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