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Hall of Fame Athletics

Who We Are

Hall of Fame Athletics, Inc. was founded by Timothy Retic, Krayton Nash, Karen Tillis and Nate Tillis and is intended to offer student athletes the finest instruction available while providing a safe and fun learning environment to become better athletes.

Our goal is to provide a place where community, athletics, and academics meet: a corridor (hall) where you can make your mark on the world (fame). This is why  Hall of Fame Athletics, Inc. (HOFA, Inc.) was created.
There are three core features that  HOFA, Inc. has to offer: athletics, academics (tutoring through a third party), and mentoring.
We provide:
  • Expert speed and agility, strength and conditioning, skill development, and team training and development conducted by professional coaches with an expert level knowledge of their craft in their respective sports 
  • Access to core academic tutoring (language arts, math, and science), ACT/SAT preparation, and core course planning for NCAA eligibility 
  • Mentoring through a focus on life skills such as finance, education planning, public speaking, resume/application writing, and interviewing through workshops and classes.
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